Haiyang Shunda contributes to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
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Haiyang Shunda help the Olympics

The 2022 The Winter Olympics in Beijing & Zhang Jia Kou The 24th Winter Olympics in Beijing It will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou city of the People's Republic of China from February 04, 2022 to February 20, 2022. It was the first time in Chinese history that the Winter Olympic Games were held. Beijing and Zhangjiakou were both host cities. It was also the third Time that China hosted the Olympic Games after the Beijing Olympics and nanjing Youth Olympic Games. Beijing Zhangjiakou Olympic Games set up 7 events, 102 events. Beijing will host all the ice events, while Yanqing and Zhangjiakou will host all the snow events. Beijing became the first city in Olympic history to host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, and the second capital city to host the Winter Olympic Games after Oslo, Norway in 1952. China has also become the first country to host the Olympic Games, Paralympics, Youth Olympics, Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Located at the foot of Shijingshan at the northwest end of Shougang Beijing Park, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee office area is transformed from several industrial buildings. Wang Daming, deputy general manager of Shougang Construction investment Co., LTD., which is in charge of the project, said that the office area where the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics will move is actually shougang's planned renovation of xishi silo, an industrial heritage project transformed from iron-making raw materials area. The project is designed with the concept of reappearance of industrial style, integrating creative office and supporting business, inheriting externally and rejuvenating internally. The original structure is repaired and maintained, and the architectural style of the original silo is retained to the maximum extent.

Among them, Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Shougang office renovation project is one of the key projects of the renovation project, the construction of glass renovation project by Beijing Haiyang Shunda Glass Co., Ltd. production provide!

Beijing haiyang shunda glass co., LTD., founded in 2007, is specialized is engaged in glass deep processing enterprises, relying on excellent product quality and pragmatic, innovative business philosophy, the company by a only a hollow production line of small private enterprises, the development of now has five automatic production line for hollow, finished product production more than 1.2 million ㎡ of medium-sized private enterprises, Products are exported to major cities throughout the country, and exported to Canada, Spain, Korea, Russia, Mongolia, the Philippines and other more than a dozen countries and regions, especially in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Haiyang Shunda brand has a wide range of market influence!

Although the company has '08 Olympic media village' 'tianjin yun village' industrial park ', 'health' wanda plaza 'and other key projects in the production of glass experience, but the reconstruction of the' winter 'time is tight, heavy task, the strict quality requirements, the company that there is not a little slack, because this project into small said, relationship to corporate image, customer trust, Generally speaking, it is related to the Olympic honor, and even the national image, so we must ensure that the product is foolproof!

In this order before the formal production, the company organizes all on the workshop production management and quality inspection department, how to ensure the product quality, discussed such problems as how to coordinate the production arrangement, and made the production of special specifications, strictly abide by the requirements each production workshop, to ensure maximum product quality can meet or exceed customer requirements.

All employees of Haiyang Shunda feel great responsibility and glorious mission. In order to ensure the successful completion of this task, they will push forward production with a strong sense of mission, responsibility and urgency, process every piece of glass with their heart, and make contributions to the successful convening and holding of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games with their hard work!

Therefore, our work is not unknown, nor is it just sweat and hard work, but also honor and pride! The worldwide attention to the Olympic project has our pay and glory, each haiyang Shunda staff and the Olympic Games, only a piece of glass distance!

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