Hard work, the end of the fruit! Haiyang Shunda was selected into the directory of passive materials
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Passive glass, also known as ultra-low energy consumption glass, is the most significant energy-saving architectural glass in the market at present. The concept of passive architecture originated in Germany and was first introduced to China by Hebei Aorun Shunda Window Industry Co., LTD. Passive construction is by a sharp rise in the building itself insulating heat preservation effect, use interior cooling and air circulation system of human body oneself adjust, assure indoor habitable temperatures around 26 ℃, namely not actively take energy for heating or cooling, energy saving effect is remarkable, is truly meet the modern concept of green, energy-saving, environmental protection building standards.

In traditional buildings, 60% of the heat or air conditioning's loss from the window, door and window glass, as fill the energy loss of the passive one of the most important aspects of the 'black hole', passive building energy consumption is crucial, the decision to adopt three bo two cavity structure, double low-e glass add warm side aluminum strip and filled with argon gas, can greatly improve the insulation performance of the glass, With passive house design and wall structure, passive house heating or insulation can be realized, greatly reducing building energy consumption.

Haiyang Shunda took the lead in the research, development and production of passive energy-saving glass in 2017, and its product technology and processing capacity are at the leading level in the industry. Haiyang Shunda is the strategic partner of Hebei Aorun Shunda Window Industry Co., LTD., and also the designated supplier of Aorun Shunda passive window and Door glass. The glass of Aorun Shunda Expert apartment building project, known as 'The first passive building in China', is provided by our company.


Haiyang Shunda takes the lead in the development and production of passive products in the industry, and successfully undertakes the glass supply of expert apartment buildings with strong processing strength. In 2018, Haiyang Shunda is the council member of the Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of passive Low-energy Building industry and the first glass production enterprise selected in the 'Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of Passive Low-energy Building Glass Industry' and 'Passive Low-energy Building Products Selection List'. And has participated in the drafting and formulation of two group standards of 'Evaluation of Green Building Materials - Building Energy-saving Glass' and 'Glass for transparent Parts of Passive Ultra-Low Energy Buildings', which fully reflects the strong processing strength and technical level of Haiyang Shunda!



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