Beijing Haiyang Shunda Glass Co., LTD

Company profile

Haiyang shunda was founded in 2007, the headquarters is located in Beijing daxing sun village industrial zone, is specialized is engaged in the passive Low energy consumption building energy-saving glass, automobile glass, fire-resistant glass, low-e insulating glass, laminated safety glass, flat curved toughened glass, bulletproof glass and other high-end energy-saving, safety glass deep processing of medium-sized private high-tech enterprises, Sampling observation of quality is the Beijing bureau of quality and technical supervision consecutive years fully qualified units, and was named the daxing district enterprises above designated size and daxing district keep enterprises, products are exported to major cities across the country, and exported to Canada, South Korea, southeast Asia, Mongolia, Russia, Europe, Africa, North America, more than a dozen countries and regions.

In 2017, Haiyang Shunda established 'Hebei Haiyang Shunda Energy-saving Glass Co., LTD.' in Bazhou Industrial Zone, Hebei Province, and officially put into operation in 2018. The factory covers an area of 100,000 square meters, including 40,000 square meters of workshop area, with an annual output of 1.5 million square meters of energy-saving glass for various buildings. Relying on superior location advantages, Haiyang Shunda will build a high-end, energy-saving and environment-friendly industrial 4.0 intelligent building glass and passive ultra-low energy consumption building energy-saving glass deep processing base, which will professionally serve xiongan New Area and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integrated construction.

Haiyang shunda focus on high-end architectural glass and automobile glass research and development and production, dedicated to industrial upgrading in glass industry, took the lead in the industry to expand the passive energy saving three silver low-e glass, double silver/hollow glass, high stress, high fire glass borosilicate flameproof glass, optical glass and other high-end product development and trial production work, and achieved outstanding results. Passive energy-saving glass and Three-silver low-E insulating glass can greatly reduce building energy consumption, which are new energy-saving products promoted by the state. Our passive products have been applied in gaobeidian Aorun Shunda Expert apartment building, Xiongan Civic Service Center government Affairs Center and other national key projects.

Haiyang Shunda pays attention to the introduction of advanced automatic production lines at home and abroad, the company has the Intelligent storage system of English Deom, Italy imported Butero automatic cutting machine, Austria imported Lycek automatic cutting machine 4 production lines; Galliwei automatic opening and closing fast double side grinding and large plate fine grinding production line 6; Landi Diamond fireproof tempering furnace, flat bending one super large forced convection double chamber tempering furnace production line 5 (maximum glass processing length up to 11 meters, processing double silver, three silver low-E coated glass flatness is higher); Switzerland imported baichao automatic hollow line and Hanjiang automatic hollow production line 6, Liaoning north 100,000 level purification automatic glue production line 2 and other advanced equipment. It can process 150,000 m2 insulating glass and 50,000 m2 laminated glass every month.

With the excellent product performance and strong processing capacity, haiyang shunda successively undertake winter, winter training hall, world horticultural exposition, male citizens service center, the capital airport, Beijing city center, Beijing qinghe high-speed, Beijing chaoyang high-speed, such as national key project, and was named the China building glass and industrial glass association member units, In 2018, Haiyang Shunda became one of the first glass manufacturers to be selected into the 'Passive Low-Energy Building Glass Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance' and 'Passive Low-Energy Building Products Selection List'. In addition, as a drafting unit, Haiyang Shunda has participated in the establishment and release of two group standards, 'Evaluation of Green Building Materials - Building Energy-saving Glass' and 'Glass for Transparent Parts of Passive Ultra-Low Energy Buildings', which fully reflects the strong processing strength and technical level of Haiyang Shunda.

The people of Haiyang Shunda devote their whole life to casting its matter, and constantly innovate the most cutting-edge technological standards and operation procedures with dedicated attitude, professional technology and specialized quality. Company management in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system standards, strictly implement China's national mandatory product technical standards, Haiyang Shunda in 2008 through the '3C' national mandatory product certification and ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, in 2012 through the ISO9001: 2008 Quality management system certification, 2014 through the European CE certification, Australia AS/NZS2208 certification.

Haiyang Shunda will adhere to the 'technology to establish business, serve users; With the development concept of 'striving for progress, Thick Virtue and Promising', the company interprets high-end Manufacturing in China with dedicated attitude, professional technology, first-class products and first-class service.

The enterprise culture

Technology serves users

Strive for progress thick de promising

In the future, enterprises must have the ability to deeply serve customers and constantly improve service awareness and service quality.

Adhere to the concept of technological development, enhance the technological innovation strength of enterprises,

Haiyang Shun talent, who has been struggling hard, expresses deep gratitude to the leaders, customers, friends and relatives from all walks of life who have been caring and supporting our development. Thank you for your unremitting care!

In the future, haiyang people will be more full of enthusiasm, wholeheartedly serve you!

The development course


On June 18, 2007, Beijing Haiyang Shunda Glass Co., Ltd. was formally established, the company is located in Xizhuang Industrial zone, Huangcun town, Daxing District, Beijing.


On December 1, 2017, Hebei Haiyang Shunda Energy-saving Glass Co., Ltd. was formally established. The company is located in The High-tech Industrial Park of Bazhou City, Hebei Province. As the main processing base of the group, it provides professional services and connects with the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the construction of Xiongan New Area.


In June 2019, Beijing Haiyang Shunda Glass Co., Ltd. moved to Daxing Sun Village Industrial Park, Beijing. As the headquarters of the group, it undertakes the functions of R&D and business center. It not only serves the original Beijing market, but also radiates the national market with the influence of the Capital.


Gu 'an Haiyang Shunda Glass Co., Ltd. is located in Gu 'an Processing and manufacturing Industrial Park, Langfang city, Hebei Province, currently under orderly construction, is expected to be formally put into production in 2023, positioning in high-end home decoration and export glass processing.