Haiyang Shunda successfully undertook the international Pavilion project of the 2019 Beijing Interna
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Approved by the International Horticultural Producers Association and recognized by the Bureau of International Expositions, the International Horticultural Exposition 2019 Beijing China is the highest-level International Horticultural exposition sponsored by the Chinese government and undertaken by Beijing City. The International Horticultural Exposition 2019 Beijing China is the second A1 international Horticultural exposition approved by the International Horticultural Producers Association and authorized by the Bureau of International Expositions after Kunming, Yunnan province.

The construction work of Beijing International Horticultural Expo has been officially started as early as the beginning of 2018. With advanced processing technology and strong production capacity, Beijing Haiyang Shunda Glass Co., Ltd. undertakes the curtain wall and roof glass supply work of the International Pavilion of the International Horticultural Expo, becoming one of the important suppliers to facilitate the opening of the Expo.

As one of the main venues of the Expo, the International Pavilion takes the concept of 'harmony and bloom' as the exhibition concept and adopts the multi-dimensional method of 'physical objects + multimedia + interactive + atmosphere' to tell the stories of global horticultural culture along the Belt and Road and gather the unique horticultural achievements and contributions from around the world. The official participants displayed their unique horticultural characteristics and regional culture, and held seven special international competitions of flowers, including the 2019 World Flower Competition, Chinese rose and chrysanthemum, to show the development level of horticulture industry and build a bridge of 'openness, inclusiveness, win-win cooperation, inheritance and innovation' in the world through horticulture.

The exhibition area of the international hall is 12,770 square meters. It is divided into four exhibition areas: sunken plaza, preface Hall, exhibition area for national (regional) and international organizations, and exhibition area for indoor flower special international competition. The roof of the exhibition hall is composed of 94 'flower umbrellas' composed of steel columns and cantileted steel beams, like a sea of flowers falling in the park. Visitors will be attracted by this unique sea of flowers, whether from high above or strolling under an umbrella. When night falls, the projection lights on the flower umbrella leaves will create a colorful night scene for the pavilion.



The main part of the international Pavilion uses 'steel structure + glass curtain wall' design, the total amount of glass is about 12,000 square meters, including the total amount of roof glass is about 8,000 square meters, in order to take into account the exhibition hall 'beautiful', 'functional' and 'safety', the roof glass uses 8mmlow-E +22A+ (6+6 glaze laminated) glass configuration, all are special-shaped, And the height of each glass is more than 4 meters, which puts forward high requirements for the flatness of glass tempered and the stacking difference control of laminated and hollow laminated pieces.

Although the company has previously for the 'Winter Olympics' 'winter training hall' 'Xiongan City service center' 'Tongzhou City Sub-center' and other key projects to provide glass experience, but the 'Expo' project time is tight, heavy task, difficult processing, high quality requirements, the company still dare not slack off. We know that the world Horticultural Expo project supply success or not, directly related to the city image, national honor, Haiyang Shunda will be first-class products, first-class service to complete this piece of extremely heavy answer!

Project before delivery, the company organizes all on the workshop production management and quality inspection department, how to ensure the quality of our products and how to coordinate the production, guarantee the construction period and other issues in-depth discussions, the meeting set for 'the park' project production wi, strictly abide by the requirements each production workshop, qc transferred personnel at the same time, 24 hours to track the world Horticultural Exhibition project glass processing process, in order to exceed the national standard of strict control of glass flatness, stacking difference, never allow a defect into the next process, to ensure 100% quality qualified products.

All the haiyang shunda employees feel deeply honored to great responsibility and mission, with a strong sense of mission and sense of responsibility and sense of urgency to promote production, each piece of glass attentively, eventually walked all glass supply work well done, with their own hard work, for the 2019 world horticultural exposition in Beijing project successfully held the contribution!

On April 24, 2019, Wang Hong, vice Mayor of Beijing and deputy director and secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Beijing International Horticultural Expo, held a press conference to confirm the completion of the construction and exhibition of the Beijing International Horticultural Expo. On April 28, President xi jinping in Beijing yanqing to attend the 2019 world horticultural expo opening ceremony in Beijing, China, and published titled 'green living together, to build beautiful homes' important speech, stressed that comply with the nature, protect the ecological green indicates the future development, China stands ready to work together with other countries to jointly build beautiful earth homes, building common human destiny community.

The successful opening of the Expo, as Haiyang Shun talent we feel proud! We use their own practical action, with their own fruits of labor really participate in the construction of national honor projects, help the expo held smoothly, for the green, environmental protection, energy saving construction work contributed to their own strength! In the future, Haiyang Shunda will continue to meet the test of more national key high-end projects and contribute more to the green, environmental protection and energy saving construction of the city!

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