Warmly celebrate haiyang Shunda won fengyang Kaisheng high borosilicate fireproof glass Beijing, Tia
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In modern urban construction, fire safety has always been a pain point problem troubling urban development. Dense population and more and more high-rise buildings lead to great pressure on urban fire safety, which seriously threatens people's life and property safety. Every year, the country spends huge manpower and material resources to popularize fire safety knowledge, improve the national awareness of fire prevention, and improve the standards and requirements for building safety performance. How to fundamentally improve the fire performance of buildings, reduce the fire hazard, is also the direction of continuous efforts and exploration of the construction industry.

As a professional construction glass deep processing enterprise, Haiyang Shunda focus on fireproof glass technology research and development and production for many years, has carried out cesium potassium fireproof glass, composite fireproof glass, high borosilicate fireproof glass and other products research and development, and high borosilicate fireproof glass is the most advanced on the market, the most reliable fireproof glass,

High borosilicate fireproof glass was first invented 20 years ago by The German SCHOTT Company, is a kind of fireproof glass by changing the composition of glass to effectively improve the softening temperature of the glass itself and achieve the purpose of fire, high borosilicate fireproof glass is made of boron (12.5 ~ 13.5%) and silicon (78 ~ 80%) made of special glass original piece, With super acid resistance and alkali resistance, it is a real sense of high safety, high reliability of all tempered single-piece fireproof glass, early due to high borosilicate fireproof glass depends on imports, the high price, greatly limited its widespread popularity and promotion, and with the maturity and rise of domestic high borosilicate original film industry, High borosilicate fireproof glass has become the ideal fireproof material of choice for modern high-end buildings.


In June 2020, Haiyang Shunda officially obtained Fengyang Kaisheng high borosilicate fireproof glass Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region agent authorization! Fengyang Kaisheng Silicon Material Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Kaisheng Technology Group Co., LTD., a fourth-level subsidiary of China Building Materials Group Co., LTD., which is the largest comprehensive building materials industrial group in China, a fortune 500 enterprise and a central enterprise under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. In the future, haiyang Shunda, as the agent of Kaisheng high borosilicate fireproof glass in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region, will make use of its rich deep processing technology and strong processing strength, and Fengyang Kaisheng to achieve strong joint, the high quality borosilicate fireproof glass will be applied in more and more key projects!

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