The most reliable fireproof glass - high borosilicate fireproof glass, help xiongan high-speed railw
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Located in Zangang Town, Xiongxian County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, the Xiongan High-speed railway Station has a total construction area of about 470,000 square meters, including about 150,000 square meters of station space. The station has 13 stations and 23 lines. It is the largest high-speed railway station in Hebei Province in terms of construction area and the largest high-speed railway station built at one time among non-provincial capitals in China.

In 2020, as the National Day gift items the male in key public project 'male Ann high-speed project' over glass supply tender, design requirements for the fire protection time limit not less than 2 hours, and to meet the requirements of project energy saving and safety, configuration design for the laminated glass is hollow, the maximum length of more than 4 meters, traditional cesium potassium, composite fire glass can't meet the design requirements, And large layout, high borosilicate laminated composite processing technology also makes high borosilicate fireproof glass processing enterprises hesitated, finally, haiyang Shunda with strong processing strength, successfully undertake four sections of Xiongan station, the total glass supply of more than 22,000 square meters, and set a number of high borosilicate fireproof glass application first:


☆ The first domestic high borosilicate fireproof glass large-scale use of key project, high borosilicate consumption of more than 1㎡;

☆ The first use project of super large size high borosilicate fireproof glass, the maximum size 4730mm*2300mm;

☆ The first 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm full series of thickness of high borosilicate fireproof glass project, fireproof time 2 hours;

☆ The first batch application project of high borosilicate fireproof laminated and hollow composite fireproof glass products.

In September 2020, haiyang shunda glass supply complete items and through the acceptance, product quality and performance meet or exceed the project request, recognised by the height of the project party, haiyang shunda also relies on the project established a high borosilicate flameproof glass processing industry leading position, become haiyang shunda flameproof glass into male Ann best promotion. At present, Haiyang Shunda high borosilicate fireproof glass has been used in Beijing Daxing Xinhang City, Xiongan New Area Rongdong resettlement housing and other national key projects.

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