Haiyang Shunda undertook glass supply for "Xiongan Civic Service Center - Government Affairs Center"
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With a total investment of 800 million yuan, the Xiongan Civic Service Center covers 24.24 hectares of planned land and a total construction area of 99,600 square meters. The project includes a planning exhibition center, a conference and training center, a government affairs center and an office for the Xiongan New Area Management Committee. This project is the window of Xiongan New Area to the whole country and even the world, and it is responsible for a number of functions of Xiongan New Area, such as government service, planning exhibition, conference holding, enterprise office and so on. It is the first presentation of the functional orientation and development concept of Xiongan New Area, so it is known as 'the first standard of Xiongan' in the construction industry.

Male new district is plan in one thousand, the state affairs, project from the aspects of design specifications, material requirements are fully shows the male the new green, ecological and livable characteristics, the construction level of bidding units and materials quality requirement is very strict, such as large construction companies and materials involved in the bidding each business will be involved in this project as an honour.

In January 2018, Beijing Haiyang Shunda Glass Co., Ltd. with excellent product quality and strong processing strength, successfully undertake the supply of glass for the project government affairs center project! This fully reflects haiyang Shunda passive building glass production level, as well as the enterprise and xiongan New Area high-end energy-saving prefabricated buildings docking and service capabilities!

Haiyang Shunda people live up to expectations and successfully complete the glass supply of the project with first-class products and services. In the future, we will make continuous efforts to undertake more projects in Xiongan New Area and make our own contribution to the construction and development of Xiongan New Area!


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