Orun Shunda Passive Specialist Apartment building
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Passive glass, also known as ultra-low energy consumption glass, can achieve the effect of indoor temperature without using active heating or cooling equipment by greatly improving the heat insulation and thermal insulation performance of glass and the whole building. It is an energy-saving product that truly meets the concept of green building.

The concept of passive was first proposed by German expert Thomas Mercer, and introduced to China and promoted by Gaobeidian Aorun Shunda. Expert apartment building is the first passive building built in China to demonstrate the effect of passive products, which has a milestone significance.

Haiyang Shunda takes the lead in the development and production of passive products in the industry, and successfully undertakes the glass supply of expert apartment buildings with strong processing strength. At present, Haiyang Shunda is the council member of the strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of passive Low-energy building industry and the first glass production enterprise selected in the 'Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation of Passive Low-energy Building Industry' and 'Passive Low-energy Building Products Selection List'. And participated in the drafting and formulation of two group standards of 'Evaluation of Green Building Materials - Building Energy-saving Glass' and 'Glass for Transparent Parts of Passive Ultra-Low Energy Buildings', which fully reflects the strong processing strength and technical level of Haiyang Shunda.

Product specifications: 6mm white glass +12Ar(warm side)+5mm double silver Low-E+12Ar(warm side)+5mm double silver Low-E

Product usage: 2000㎡

Performance parameters:

Visible light transmittance: 57%

Visible reflectivity: 16%

Heat transfer coefficient: 0.71

Shading coefficient: 0.49

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