International Pavilion project of Beijing International Horticultural Exposition
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Approved by international Horticultural Producers Association and recognized by The Bureau of International Expositions, the International Horticultural Exposition 2019 Beijing China is the highest-level international Horticultural exposition held by the Chinese government and undertaken by Beijing City. With advanced processing technology and strong production capacity, Haiyang Shunda will undertake the curtain wall and roof glass supply work of the International Pavilion of the International Horticultural Exhibition, and become one of the important suppliers to facilitate the opening of the International Horticultural Exhibition.

The exhibition area of the international hall is 12,770 square meters. It is divided into four exhibition areas: sunken plaza, preface Hall, exhibition area for national (regional) and international organizations, and exhibition area for indoor flower special international competition. The roof of the exhibition hall is composed of 94 'flower umbrellas' composed of steel columns and cantileted steel beams, like a sea of flowers falling in the park. Visitors will be attracted by this unique sea of flowers, whether from high above or strolling under an umbrella. When night falls, the projection lights on the flower umbrella leaves will create a colorful night scene for the pavilion.

2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exposition International Pavilion Project

Glass configuration: 8mmlow-E tempered +22A+ (6mm color glaze tempered +6mm white glass tempered), 12mm ultra white low-E +12A+12mm ultra white tempered

Dosage: 1㎡

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