High borosilicate fireproof glass
High borosilicate fireproof glass
High borosilicate fireproof glass

Fire glass

With the continuous improvement of national requirements for building safety performance, more and more buildings began to choose fireproof glass.

At present, our company mainly produces high borosilicate and high stress fireproof glass, among which high borosilicate fireproof glass is the most reliable fireproof glass on the market. High borosilicate fireproof glass is mainly made of boron (12.5 ~ 13.5%) and silicon (78 ~ 80%), with super acid resistance and alkali resistance, is the true sense of high safety, high reliability of all tempered single-piece fireproof glass, our company has been widely used in xiongan high-speed railway and other key projects. High stress fireproof glass is widely used in commercial and residential projects by virtue of its price advantage.

Main parameters:

High borosilicate fireproof glass refractory time ≥2 hours, high stress fireproof glass refractory time ≥0.5-1 hours

Application: Public construction projects, commercial buildings, high-end residential

Representative projects: Xiongan High-speed railway, Resettlement project of Xiongan New Area, Sub-Center of Houbeiying City, Tongzhou, Beijing