Three Silver Low-E insulating glass
Three Silver Low-E insulating glass

Typical low-E glass contains only one layer of pure silver (functional layer), the so-called single-silver low-E glass. The total number of film layers of double silver glass reaches more than 9, including two pure silver layers. Three-silver low-E glass contains more than 13 film layers in total, including three pure silver layers (see Figure 1). Compared with single silver low-E glass, although double and three silver low-E glass processing requirements are higher, but its energy saving is much better than single silver low-E glass.

Main parameters:

Visible light transmission ratio T > 60, visible light reflection ratio R < 15, heat transfer coefficient < 1.4, solar energy total transmission ratio G < 0.30, solar infrared heat energy total transmission ratio gIR < 0.05, shielding solar infrared heat energy.

Application: public construction projects, commercial buildings, residential

Representative projects: International Pavilion of Beijing International Horticultural Exposition, Beijing Qinghe High-speed railway Station, Beijing Chaoyang North Railway Station, New School building project of Beijing Buddhist College, Life service Facilities project of Daxing New Airport, Daoxiang Lake Wanke Project, etc