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the four-step energy-saving meaning:State of residential building energy conservation requirements are clearly defined, whereby provinces have enacted relevant local standards "residential building energy efficiency design standards."1986 introduced a 30 per cent energy efficiency standards, this stage is called "one energy";In 1995, the national energy efficiency standards will be increased to 50%, known as the "two-step energy";At present 65% of the universal implementation of energy efficiency standards, known as the "three-step energy";75% of the implementation of energy efficiency standards, known as the "four-step energy-saving."Second, the four-step energy-saving features:Transmittance less diathermy, require low diathermy, high light transmission, which requires glass shading coefficient Sc value is very high, U (K) is very low.Three, four-step energy-saving glass requirements:Shading coefficient of the glass is greater than the whole window shading coefficient; (high permeability to meet single silver)Heat transfer coefficient of the glass is less than the heat transfer coefficient of the entire window; (iii two empty glass...
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