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High-end decorative glass - glazed glass

上市日期: 2016-09-02
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Glaze is a refractory inorganic glass by a screen printing machine glaze desired pattern printed on the glass surface, and then by drying, steel sintering process, thereby obtaining an anti-acid and high-security glass. The products are widely used in building decoration, furniture, automotive, electronics, solar glass and other industries.



Color, pattern diversification (according to customer requirements), color does not fade stability, outstanding decorative effect.

Anti-acid, corrosion and wear resistance.

It has all the characteristics of tempered glass.

Can be processed laminated, insulating and other composite products



Dimensions: Max size: 2550mm × 9000mm

The minimum processing size: 200mm × 300mm

Thickness range: 5 - 19mm

Note: Due to glaze glass through steel processing, it will not be finished cutting, edging and other secondary processing.

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